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    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    iPhone 4G.. The "ACTUAL" phone? - UPDATES

    Am heading to sleep, and while am doing my usual before-I-sleep RSS check (yup), and this just was completely unexpected.. It's no rumor, anymore..

    According to Gizmodo, who happened to stumble upon a guy who found a lost iPhone in a California bar (or not), it was none but the iPhone 4G, camouflaged to look like a regular 3GS.. They took it apart, and guess what, it's the Real Deal..

    ..or just a testing Prototype?

    We can't be sure that this is a final design for the product, while you can be extremely sure that it was made by Apple.. Gizmodo reports that the phone was remotely wiped by Apple, and they weren't able to restore it..

    And from the looks of it, it just got smoother, glossier (FINGERPRINT HORROR) and falls in line with the rest of the Mac family of 2010.. [make sure to check Gizmodo for close-up images]

    What's so 4G about it?

    Well, let's see..

    • The battery is 16% larger than the regular iPhones, so this should be the extended battery life iPhones desperately need..
    • a bigger back camera, which may support some of the rumors i mentioned before, AND a Front facing camera for video conferences (Skype, anyone?)
    • The design, as seen on the video, is minimalistic and follows the same lines of the new iMacs and iPads.. Am not sure am a big fan of losing the back curve, though, HOWEVER, I can't really determine a judgement on a sight-unseen.. or unfelt, so to speak.. They say it's pretty good, but i'll just wait on that one..
    • It uses the new Micro-SIM technology.. It's a new technological step for the phone, but am not sure that our amazing market supports it.. Good luck, Mobily (would STC step in for this one? Nevermind, Mobily FTW)
    Other than that, they didn't go much into what horsepower does the phone actually pack, and from the looks of it, I really hope it goes the extra mile needed to make the leap THAT MUCH WORTHY..

    I mean, I love the 4G features, but nothing about it is pulling me towards that Imaginary-Savings-Pocket i have hidden somewhere, next to my body-building trophies..


    [ UPDATE : It turns out that the iPhone is indeed a genuine prototype that was STOLEN from an Apple Engineer who had a beer or two.. Gizmodo reports that it received an email from Apple asking for it back, and they did smoothly WHILE asking Apple to go easy on the guy who lost it.. There you have it, it's not  a fake ChiPhone, it's the next iPhone.. Well, a proto-iPhone for that matter.. ]
    [ UPDATE : In a detailed investigation by DaringFireball, the Serial number of the phone makes it a final-prototype, with a bigger chance of being the real thing.. ]
    [ UPDATE : Ripple effects.. The Engineer is reaping in the 15 minutes of fame (or shame), while Gizmodo is suffering the backlash of the purchase..]


    1. Exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiitingggggg!!

      given that my contract with AT&T will make me elligible for the discount price of the iphone,i am gettin it *botty shake*

      to me i am much more intrested in the new iphone than i was on ipad...for some reason,a good reason for me to purchase the ipad is still processing in my cerebral cortex.

      dude,how long do i have to wait for your post about the upgrads on MBP...particularly the graphics cards upgrade...somehow i am not excited about intel getting into nvidia's jurisdiction -even though Nvidia started it-
      so,enlighten us!

    2. I agree, this mobile seems to be more of a reason to hold on a bit longer before buying an iPad (which is being imported to Saudi, and gets snatched off the shelves in less than 6 hours)..

      But like i said, i might stick with my iPhone, or maybe bump to a 3GS (since many apps are starting to be power hungry), and stick with an iPad for now.. But all this is on extreme hault, because of my lovely car..

      I'm really drooling over a hands-on for the new MBP's to be honest, but i didn't get around trying them for myself.. It's been a hectic week with two different insurance companies, but I already am set to test one out at my friend's place this weekend.. Stay posted on that..

      One more thing.. I think Verizon or Sprint is on the Horizon for the next iPhone, seeing it uses 4G network micro-sims, and putting in mind the big "chokehold" dispute with AT&T before.. Maybe they'll stay with them, but i have little doubt about exclusivity..

      I just remembered micro-sims in Saudi Arabia again.. Now am depressed..

    3. btw,talking about microsims,does that mean that the iphone firmware wont be locked anymore? since its techinically locked to AT&T (for the time being) with the Micro sims?
      if thats the case,it would be great,as by the time my contract with AT&T finishes and i come back to saudi,they would have the microsims,regardless or STC or Mobily,and have the iphone up and running!
      i know,too good to be true.

    4. Well, there was a buzz about that, but it ruins the business module of making the iPhone affordable at a price cheaper than the iPad, since the unlocked iPhones cost as much.. What i think might happen (and it's a small might), the iPhone would use the same Google approach of making you choose between different providers, WITH THE OPTION of opting for an unlocked one..

      I think that will ultimately increase their market share, and increase my chances of getting my hands on one that isn't jailbroken, or sold for double the price just because no one else is selling it officially..

      What can happen, is that you can terminate your contract with your current provider, pay a certain fee, and get it unlocked, making it usable with any MicroSim provider.. I heard a small news tip today that mobily is planning to take a piece of that pie (Really hope so, they're the most decent among the Telecom thieves of Saudi)..

    5. Well, there wasn't a mac to test this weekend.. So i guess am super lucky..

      *almost shot himself in the head*


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