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    Friday, April 9, 2010

    iPhone 4.0 - Apple's "One More Thing" Finally..

    I have to admit, that after the mini-disappointment of the iPad announcement, to be shot down from the glorified "dream" that everyone had about it, attention to the new iPhone 4.0 wasn't that extreme..


    iPhone 4.0 is finally announced, and it proves to be that "One More Thing" I was waiting for.. Well, maybe not me.. Know more after the jump..

    I have to admit.. I followed the rumors around the web, and didn't want to take part of over-hyping the firmware update, because I can already see how ugly the iPad hype back fired.. But, now that the software update has been announced, it turns to be a software UPGRADE..

    But (and it's a big BUT) with the "UP UP UP" streak this update has brought through the live update, the "DOWN" was a bit below the belt.. the 3G (MY FRIGGIN' 3G) won't be able to stomach some of the updates i'll list below.. Only the latest iPod touch 3rd generation and iPhone 3Gs have the power, my 3G doesn't.. I was saving for an iPad, now this is just the kind of financial crap i need.. Great!@@@@#!


    The same magnitude 3.0 had to earlier software releases, 4.0 floored it..

    (listed according to importance)

    Yes, yes and YES.. Killing all speculation on how Jailbreak multitasking is drainer, Apple managed to find the algorithms to actually give you multitasking WITHOUT massively affecting your battery.. Allowing apps to stay active in the background, allowing VoIP + constant location updates..

    Maximizing the number of apps, by organizing your apps in folders.. Just the idea of actually organizing the clutter effect my apps are currently going through, it's actually pretty exciting news that I can stuff all my apps by category.. From the neat freak within, I salute you Apple..

    iPad's hit store won't be the iPad's alone.. Adding access to the store's wide selection of eBooks.. Not only you can enjoy your eBook purchase on the iPad, you can take it with you on the iPhone for the quick skips here and there.. Of course, the app store already has a similar store, called Classics (which ironically has the same book-shelve design of the iBooks), so we'll have to wait and see how that goes.. Nonetheless, this is awesome stuff.. I can start purchasing books, and then share them with my soon-to-be-bought-or-stolen-from-a-dead-corpse iPad..

    Similar to the iPad's interface, now you can change the background image of your home screen, instead of the plain black (though i didn't mind it)..

    There are also major improvements to the Mail and Exchange accounts, allowing multiple accounts, while also the addition of new features like the Social Gaming Network (think of PS3 trophies and Online gameplay).. And finally, iAd, which is another blow scored by Apple on it's on-going disputes with Google, and another step for Apple BigBrother business model to leach its way to it's developers.. Not really optimistic news, but it's news alright..

    Am actually thrilled, which makes sense, because it's about time the software got the bump it needs to fit the needs of the iPad (since both share the same SDK) and the widgets iPad is expecting as it's software boom (you heard me)..

    You can read up more on the details of the event on Gizmodo.. UPDATE: or just simply check the Apple page for the info + keynote video.. Which has an awesome display of the future of mobile Ads, and a glimpse of what HTML 5 can offer.. Now, i seriously think Adobe can shove it..

    Now if you'd excuse me, i have some bets to collect.. And maybe a couple of games to sell.. Anyone interested in Heavenly Sword Special special edition? for the low price of 1000 SR?!!



    1. any idea what caused the adobe apple conflict?

    2. In a nut shell, Adobe started with Macintosh (back in the late 80's) and it had a strong relation with Apple, and it started to screw it up with it's lack of attention to the Intel based Macs, until 2006 with the CS release..

      Apple rejected Adobe's attempts to support Flash for iPhones, claiming it's technical issues that caused the rejection.. There were speculations that Apple took Adobe personal, and i'm inclined to think that too..

      Adobe also released a software kit that enables Flash based applications to be converted to iPhone apps, and CS5 market share was aiming on that demographic of developers.. Apple claimed that it's buggy and causes problem, and with the recent software release, rejected any apps developed using that kit, screwing Adobe over..

      So, In a recent blog by an Adobe official, he apparently got pissed (plus the little Flash vs. HTML5 joke Steve made on the 4.0 keynote) said that Apple should go screw itself..

      Though am sensing Apple is handling this like they're handling Google (they're in a fight too), i just think Adobe messed with the wrong market leader, and they just screwed themselves instead..


      Not a nutshell, but it's a brief history :P..

    3. though i agree with what u say,however Flash remains the king in web developing..
      i think the whole thing is childish,they both complete each other and i hope they settled this fast so we can rejoice the whole thing.

    4. Flash is strong, however, it's always been hogging more RAM than it should, and it's basic programming scripts don't work with the way you use any Touch screen (despite being Apple or not)..

      Flash requires Mouse pointer coordinates to animate, interact and input action sequences (Along with keyboards also).. I don't see that working with a touch, where there's no Mouse hover effect..

      Moreover, HTML5 plays animated content more natively and easily integrated (minimizing compatibility issues and Flash Player requirements) and Apple is adopting it to get a trump card + Using it to make low blows at Adobe..

      If you checked the Keynote of 4.0, at the end, there's a small show of what HTML5 can do (Compare it to flash on mobile devices) and you can see why Adobe wanted a piece of the pie AND you can see why they're pissed why they won't get a piece of that pie with their CS5..

      It's childish, true.. But HTML5, for interactive media content and animated content on the web, is the way to go.. Flash will always be there, but won't be as primal if they don't solve their Hardware issues, and the sloppy code it runs on..

      I love ActionScripting on Flash, but i hate my machine lagging whenever I'm on a heavily animated website that requires more RAM.. it's a Website, it shouldn't be like that..