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    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Captioned Thoughts - The Janitors..

    Driving around the city, I've always spent the traffic jams gazing around, looking for any distraction..

    The little kid selling bubble gum..
    the guy selling cotton candy (in the middle of the day, in scorching heat)..
    and the "minimum-waged" municipality-hired Janitor who mops the streets..

    When it comes to the municipality's reputation in dealing with the hired help, it's almost infamous.. You rarely hear a good story when the words "Janitor" and "Municipality" are in the same sentence.. Not only are those workers under-paid and over-worked to a very harsh extreme, but they can't complain because they're in need of the money, and there's no one out there to defend them.. And with how our society understands the sponsorship system (kafeel), they're practically slaved until a further notice..

    It's tragic, and it sickens me to know how much the municipality is funded every year, and how they make it seem impossible to even properly equip those workers with the ACTUAL tools..

    Why waste a couple of extra riyals to buy actual equipment, when you can just look around in any of the many garbage dumping sites around the city for any standard water gallon, cut it in half, and there you go.. Hassle-free, financially-free (Almost), and it gets the job done..

    No matter what the quality is.. We just like to get the job done..

    Where did the money go?

    Of course, i'd be naive to actually expect the authority to take matters in their own hand, since they practically deal with those workers as owners with their labor animals, not hired human beings doing a job.. Does the government even see this as a "job"?
    I wonder, when the day ever comes, and we're financially forced to clean streets for a living, just like those workers.. Would we ever accept this? Or do we only deny the harm that affects us, and ignore the harm that affects others?

    We're all human beings, and we should all treat each other that way.. No matter how socially demeaning this job is, it gives the authorities no right to act the way they do.. And I, for one, can't turn a blind eye to this anymore..

    I know that in terms of trouble and reform that our country is facing, this is a tip of the ice berg.. However, A rational eye would know that we're facing a titanic-kind of ice berg, so we really should get those chisels ready..

    I firmly believe that if change doesn't come from those who're responsible, change should come from those who are capable..

    For now, Let's "Help the Helpers".. Whenever you find the time and financial ability, go to any mini-market or hardware store and buy a decent broom and shovel set, it shouldn't cost you more than 20 SR, and just give it to any worker you see.. Believe me, knowing that the citizens care about those who keep their city clean might be the brightest star in their dark horizon.. It's a small task for you, but a great task for those who need it..

    If we can unite in the small things, the big things are just a matter of determination, and not numbers anymore..



    1. We need trade unions! And human rights ...and I don't want to hear any jokes about how positively naive that comment is. After all, you noticed and are now trying to make a difference...that should be enough "positive action" to give us hope.

    2. No jokes at all, Shoroug.. Human Rights are almost none-existant when it comes to the labor force, and it's really starting to get out of hand.. Not in terms of being abused and ignored, but also neglected by the media and the social awareness that needs to be risen around this..

      Try talking to any of these workers, wallah you'll just feel disgusted that this is happening (and it's been happening for a long time now)..