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    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    RIM to RIP?

    Well, the service was growing so fast, I was starting to wonder where our technology ignorance was hiding the whole time..

    If you haven't heard, Research In Motion's BlackBerry service MIGHT be banned for good.. And am saying MIGHT, because the dispute is still ongoing, and there is still little chance of reaching an agreement.. Then again, in my personal opinion, with a mentality that broke the camera lenses on the first Camera-enabled phones, i doubt that agreement is happening anytime soon, if not at all..

    So, Why the ban?

    To some, it might come as a shock to hear such news.. To another some, like myself, we saw this coming a mile away, and it's probably clear why it's taking place right now. it's pretty darn obvious.. Big Brother is not liking this at all..

    As far as i can recall, Research In Motion's (RIM) services were first introduced by Mobily with the introduction of the BlackBerry Pearl.. It was a mobile device completely set for the business man/woman, and Mobily did nothing more but advertise it as that.. So, it came as no surprise that no one was interested, and no one cared much about what a BlackBerry is, from the general public that is (75% of the public are under 27).. It was a Nokia Vs. Sony Ericsson Saudi Battlefield..

    Now, Let's skip a couple of years, until 2008, when BlackBerries started to be advertised for it's BlackBerry Messenger feature, and TV's and Newspapers were bombarded with packages offered by STC mainly, which Mobily had to follow in terms of making the mobile more social friendly.. On one ad, they actually advertised how you can stay in touch for a limited amount of money, and send all the messages you want, ignoring all the other rich BlackBerry services.. With a society that is politically and sexually deprived as Saudi Arabia, you'd know that the BBM might be Pandora's Box..

    During the last year, BlackBerries spread everywhere.. And i mean, everywhere.. You might not know what's Green Architecture, but you'd know what the term "BB" means.. BlackBerry users might want to blame society for ruining it for everyone else, but I'm more inclined to blame the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) for taking such a harsh decision..

    So, is it about Sex? because Facebook is there since forever, and you can chat up as many members of the opposite sex as you like, for FREE.. You don't even need a subscription.. You may need a computer and an internet connection, and if you don't have those by now, you need a reality check..

    If it's not sex, then what is it? -am just playing dumb- If you guessed it, then yup, it's our favorite topic of the dinner table.. Politics..

    According to the local newspapers, it's more of a dispute between the CITC and RIM over their servers.. RIM offers their BBM service from their international servers abroad, and the CITC wants a piece of it to be localized in the kingdom.. Not to make the service cheaper, you silly people, it's to keep an eye on what you're saying.. If you didn't know, you're being watched, and the BBM kept you under the radar..

    We once thought TV's were possessed with demons that talked, and now, Iran's fear of Twitter is rubbing off on Saudi's fear of BBM.. Can things get more loony?



    1. I remember years ago, back in 2006-ish, "someone" told me that they wanted to ban Blackberries in saudi for the same reason, the big brother didn't like because it's not under their glorious supervision. But when I saw everyone is all over the it in Saudi, I thought "well, they must've figured a way to keep an eye on everything, and I've always watched what I was saying, but now after this subject being reopened again, I'm beginning to doubt that they even did anything the first time.
      Unfortunately, after enjoying the Blackberry service here in UK, when I went back home for the holiday, I've seen how limited the service there, Since it's not directly connected to RIM. For example, you can see that the new version of the FB app is not working, and so for the blackberry app world.

    2. Well, the dispute has been on-going.. I'm not sure about the tiny details, am already checking with my friends working in Mobily, but i do know that it was all small company arguments and emails, but i think 3+ years is a becoming a bit too long for Big Bro..

      I feel sad for those who are actually doing business through this, and I really hope this all just blows off as another rumor or over-heated speculations by the media..

      I saw Blackberries in London man, and all i know is that the service we have here seems like the Beta-not-so-fully-active version..

    3. Another reason why we'll stay behind. Making big issues out of time details.