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    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    RANT - Google.. Buzz?

    The first decade of the 21st century is probably the decade where Google is spreading dominance over the web.. They won't settle until the whole interweb is under their terms of use, defined with their own simplistic view to how communication should be.. Some dubbed them the leaders, and some dubbed them the future of Big Brotherhood on the web.. Both are correct to some extent.. Gmail, Talk, Wave, Android and Chrome OS are signs of the Google footprint in every aspect of communication (and so far, they're offering some stiff competition).. Now, I don't mind it, I like Google, but they're starting to over do it..

    Already know what am talking about? for those who don't, it's Buzz (no relation to Toy Story)..

    In short, it's a social network with All Google-created and Google-powered services, joined into one big #FFFFFF based platform.. Is that a selling point? or a down point?

    Am more inclined to say its a down point, Mainly for two huge reasons:

    • It's a social network with nothing new to offer, nothing new to generate, and no content that exceeds the bar that already has been raised by other social networks (which already put much thought and effort in their delivery and in their design, and they've been at it for years now).. If Google really wanted the competition, it would've brought something new to the table.. a new cake, or a new drink, not just white plastic plates..
    • Despite the content problem they're ignoring, they also seem to ignore the many years of social-networking privacy evolution that's been going on for the past decade.. Google Buzz has serious privacy issues.. I mean, everyone knows about the ups and down of privacy in social networking, but Buzz makes Facebook seem honest and trust-worthy *sarcastic*.. It shoves itself into how you should view or hide your content, and it doesn't seem to acknowledge that some times, some people need some privacy, god forbid..
    Ever since it's launch in early Feb, I tried it out, and I waited those awkward first-week of any new service to pass, to see if it deserves the Buzz it eagerly tries to create.. It just made me question Google's drug supply, because they were on some really cheap stuff to come out with this load of junk.. Code after code, and the service is not getting better..

    The online hype carriage that is following the burning Buzz ship is even cheesier than Google's approach.. Following the ReTweet phenomena, by adding ReBuzzThis.. It's more of a tongue twister than a service, and it's already sounding lame.. Why don't you ReBuzz this article why you're at it?

    Seems like many trust Google to the extent they think this service will actually work.. I doubt the slim the chances..


    Probably one of their mistakes is that they Beta tested it with their own employees, and not with your average user, and those employees are not your average user (Have you seen the working place of a normal Googlist? You call those normal employees?  -self reflection moment-)..

    Maybe they finished the project long before Facebook, but got stuck in traffic, trying to catch their own "Tadaaaa".. Maybe, just maybe, this is the longest April Fool joke on interweb history, and IT'S NOT EVEN APRIL YET.. I tried, Google, to give you allot of explanations, but all I ended up with is squat..

    Maybe, just maybe, it's a bet they lost to MySpace..

    Or maybe it's just another dark scheme to control more of our privacy, harming that "Do-No-Harm" image they're imposing.. They're already being questioned about it, but with Buzz, they seem like they want more..

    So, to sum it up, Google Buzz is an Epic failure, so far, and it would take an addict's moment of clarity to turn this ship around..

    To anyone interested, DON'T share everything on it unless you're really into what they're offering..

    and to Google's Buzz?

    Buzz off..


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