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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Well..? Jeddah Floods anyone?

    It seems as if the government has put a led on the investigations behind the causes of the flash floods of November 25th.. Like other sensational issues in this country, the government either quiets down, or the people just lose that spark of interest.. There were no official public announcements on the cause of the issue, the result of the investigation, and as of today, there has been no updates on the investigation's website since last time i checked, a month or so ago..

    I'm not sure if I should start questioning the government itself, or the people who just didn't push the issue hard enough, because nothing changes the facts that the floods were a mistake that took it's toll on the poor and needy of the southern parts.. What did we do about it? the same that i complained about before.. Open a Facebook group, get heck loads of members and leave it at that..

    No news, no activity on the website, and surely none is discussed on the Television.. This happened before on a different issue, but it remains the same, people don't care.. And if they do, they're doing a pretty bad job at it..

    Don't worry, those dead people won't be floating around anyone's conscious.. Seems like we lack the latter..


    [ Update: According to AlArabiya (Part of the MBC Group), The King was presented with the results of studies and investigations of the floods.. Nothing about what will be done, only what was done before that presentation, and AlArabiya is doing one heck of a lousy job (any arabic readers would know why) ]

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