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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    RANT - Heavy Rain.. WHY!!?

    So it turns out, the life of a modern day gamer can get even more painful in this great country of ours, and this time, it's raining bullcrap on all the GCC nations..

    They banned Heavy Rain.. DUH!

    I mean, come ON! This double-faced contradiction has to stop.. We won't even take the trouble of teaching our kids the meaning of ESRB ratings, nor do we want to tell our kids what games suite their age and what doesn't because, Hey, Games are for kids only, right?

    When the whole world is finally considering gaming as a good source of entertainment for all ages, we still think those 3D Bandicoots and bouncy mushrooms are for kids to play with, and get them off our backs while they're at it..

    A happy family with Daddy kissing his son's head as he leaves to a meeting, while the kid is fighting Zombie Nazi's.. Or Daddy surprises his kid with this cool game where you play like a Devil and fight an all mighty god.. It's all good if it's rendered in 3D.. But when it comes to a game that happens to be HONEST about it's content, block the mo fo..

    Heavy Rain promises an experience that is no different from a Hollywood blockbuster thriller, but considered as one of the best to deliver it on a home entertainment console.. The same blockbuster thrillers that are sold in Rotana, Virgin, and being watched for FREE on the MBC channels.. It's the same, if not better since you're making the choices on this one.. But NOOOOO, block the game, deprive the rest of the gamers from what seems to be another PlayStation milestone, because Kids might buy that game..

    Have you ever took a step back and realized an actual mistake and tried to fix it, Saudi Arabia? Like really fix it? not just cover it in dirt and hope it grows into a nice abiding palm tree?

    or is it too much of a pain to actually implement an already existing (and much debated) rating system? When a kids asks for a game, don't just give him money and send him off prancing to his dream land, because the dream land owner doesn't give a damn who buys what as long as it's good money.. Just make sure that the words M, and A, and those overly-obvious 18+ ratings don't end up on your little kid's shelf.. It's simple, effective, and it's LOGICAL!!

    You might say, No, the story is too provocative and doesn't come in terms with our culture and traditions.. Bullcrap..

    - Devil May Cry
    - Bayonetta
    - Darksiders
    - Brutal Legend
    - Demon Soul

    All these work well with out Thobes and Abayas, am pretty sure, and all are sold legally.. Not to mention, some of them are a bit sacrilegious in nature, and may offend your religion more than your friggin' culture, but no, nothing harmless in demons and devils, and nothing should ever harm our precious culture.. For a game that is a semi-realistic story that is aimed for Adults ONLY, let all hell break loose, boys..

    Funny thing, the ban became official in the UAE.. Yes, the UAE.. The country that poses as the most open-minded in the GCC, with a very thriving mix-cultural night life and a modern look to the arabic future, this game is forbidden.. Doesn't make sense..

    It's called a rating system for a reason, and it's not like the game will be morally disposed of, not at all, the grey market is actually thriving on it now with sales of the game reach up to 400 SR (from the 250 SR original price tag), and guess what, KIDS ARE BUYING THOSE GAMES!!!

    Teach the kid about what's adults-only and what's not is a hassle.. Ban something from everyone for the mistakes of few? Welcome to Saudi Arabia.. Sinful Camera Enabled phones are not that long ago, Saudis, and we still shine in glory when it comes to the modern reality of things.. We allow all sorts of trashy movies into our homes, watch even trashier movies from the Arabic Crappywood of films and social contradicting movies, buy and sell legally, but for a game? it's a no-no situation..

    Am not pissed that Saudi is like this, already lived here long enough to see how things progress, but am pissed to have another harmless door close down while am still trying to figure out a way not to pay an extra 200 SR for a game that costs half of the already-annoying price..

    Speaking of which, anyone can hook a brother up? I gots to play ze game!!!


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