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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    RANT - Heavy Rain.. WHY!!?

    So it turns out, the life of a modern day gamer can get even more painful in this great country of ours, and this time, it's raining bullcrap on all the GCC nations..

    They banned Heavy Rain.. DUH!

    Well..? Jeddah Floods anyone?

    It seems as if the government has put a led on the investigations behind the causes of the flash floods of November 25th.. Like other sensational issues in this country, the government either quiets down, or the people just lose that spark of interest.. There were no official public announcements on the cause of the issue, the result of the investigation, and as of today, there has been no updates on the investigation's website since last time i checked, a month or so ago..

    RANT - Saudi Driving..

    Before you consider buying a car, issuing a driver license, or even thinking of walking around the streets of Saudi Arabia, you should really consider having a hospital ambulance on Speed dial.. The driving situation in Saudi has always been a known issue for the natives, and it seems it's growing on us more than provoke us to do something.. Driving around, you're bound to come through that crazy driver who knows nothing less than 100 km/h in small city streets (and the crazier cousin who knows nothing less than 120), and not to mention those who realize they want to go somewhere on the far left, while stuck in the far right, causing a traffic jam..

    A Quick Recap..

    First of all, am really sorry for those approx. 30 emails that I didn't reply to on both my Gmail and Facebook, I'll get on it as soon as I finish writing this blog..

    Second of all, I went through a very hectic phase in my life that seemed to flush down all at once, leaving me lost between catching up to my work and catching up with whatever I do out of work.. Despite the fact that all my past three weekends were spent at work because of my so-called colleagues and a little bit of Windows magic (crashed 3 times during drafting with corrupted Auto_Save files), I finally managed to come through it.. Work was getting too fast paced, being that now i'm officially transferred to a new division in the company i work in.. It's not something flashy as anyone would think, but it's a good professional bump in terms of building up that CV.. I went from an office with surplus man-power to an office where my friend, my new boss and I were the only CAD operators, and two 3D max modelers (one was Pinky, and the other one was Brain)..