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    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Saudi Channels Galore & a Make Over?

    No matter how many times these channels will change their logos, or even higher fancier designers to have some content-make-over, it seems persistent to believe that a new look would gather more attention..

    What seems to skip the minds over that TV Tower, it's not the look of things more than what the things are.. I mean, half of the content on the Saudi channel is still pre-recorded material from the 80's, and the other shows had the same boring hosts for over 10 years repeating the same content every couple of months.. Sure, there are a couple of shows that I admired (at first) but then they lacked originality.. Maybe because we're so focused on imitating other Arabic channels in what they do and how they deliver it, while not focusing on WHY are people watching those channels?

    Is it because of the hosts? (sometimes, yeah..)
    Is it because of the channel fancy art work? (for me, yeah.. I know many don't give a flying bleep)
    Is it because of the content? that actually let's people cancel reservations, have family gatherings, or even record a certain show or report on something? (Main item of interest, everybody)

    The Saudi Channel have been leaders in boring content ever since I was a kid, and they didn't change.. And the more shows they add, the more distant those shows are from what the public really likes to know and see.. Seriously, and this is for all my Saudi brothers and sisters, When was the last time you watched the channel for more than ONE hour? (Football doesn't count, smarty pants)

    A couple of years ago, the channels changed their logo, introduced a new copycat channel (al ekhbaria vs. al arabiya anyone?), a sport channel (what's with the golden logo?).. They even had a different graphical campaign to celebrate the new design on Ramadan.. But that was not so far ago, is the channel already set for another face-lift operation? We'll soon find out, with 4 more channels on the way.. Channels for Quran and Sunna, a channel for the kingdom's place in the economy, a channel for cultural dialogue, and a children's channel..

    Other than the children's channel (which is a good move), do we really need a separate channel for Religion, Culture and Economy? And would the channels be all-Arabic or bilingual? and even so, TOO MUCH CHANNELS on little content? You can easily fit them in one general broadcasting channel, or maybe two if they get too much prime time (or THREE, am feeling generous), but a total of 7+ channels?

    Seems like there's allot of people who want to take control of a Channel under their own administration (all under the ministry's rule, yeah I know I know).. In Saudi, the majority wants to be managers with assistants, and vice managers with assistants who have vice assistants.. Actual workers? Too busy aiming for a managerial position.. And only the weak are managed or assist (I think it's a chromosome implant, because allot believe in this crap)..

    If the Saudi Channel implants those annoying SMS chatting lines on their screens, that would be the day where I'll finally delete all of them from my list (on the decoder that is already collecting dust in a drawer somewhere around the house)..


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