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    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Quick Review: Nexus One - iPhone killer?

    Due to geogrpahical difficulties, No one will be able to check out this piece of machinery, up-close and personal, until it arrives (un)officially here, give it a month or so..

    a smart phone that can actually compete with iPhone (i think it's kicking ass already) and might be the 2010 kick off.. It's the first phone to be made by an internet company..

    Yup, Google's phone, the NexusOne, is out there, and it's actually impressive.. They did aim too high, and the hardware might come short with all the tweaks they're trying to impress with (an interactive background? a bit too much, no?), but they're on the right track to actually cause some damage..

    This is a quick comparison of how it matches up with other SmartPhones in the market [ courtesy of Mashable ].. On paper? it's actually pretty decent (huge Processor though, Good for the multitasker, but am not so sure on the battery life)

    Check their channel for detailed videos about the features..




    1. ... or it could just be yet another iPhone killer. Nokia has been saying the same thing, first with their 5800 and then their N900.

      But then you never know. Pricing is cheaper when compared to iPhone and the most important thing: It does not have an Apple in it! (yes, I hate Apple just because it is ridiculously expensive for no obvious reason.)

    2. The thing is, it's not only about the Prices.. The machine proves itself to have double the power of other machines (hence why they're over doing the special effects in their UI), but there seems to be an overlooked issue about it.. The memory is limited to something less than 1 GB.. Sure, you can change the SD card to 64 GB, but you can't run your apps on SD cards, therefore, limiting the choices you'll have to make to customize the machine..

      Am not going to mention the App market difference between the Nexus and iPhone, since Apple got a head start, but it's annoying to know that you can't download as much.. To me, smart phones are all about Apps and what you can do with your phone online AND offline (something google is not aiming at at the moment, the offline thingy, not majority at least due to cloud computing)..

      As for your off-topic remark, despite an apple or an orange logo, Apple proved to be money well spent.. Considering the performance, durability and user experience guarantee + a software for all (not a different suite for every step of your development) puts that price tag in the "Not THAT expensive" after all.. :P