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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    One More Thing..

    For many of you, the tension should be rising with the approach of January 27th, the supposed date of announcement for the Apple Tablet (iSlate, most probably, it's an iPad).. And just when you thought the Apple rumors won't get better than this might-be announcement, it seems that Apple still has "One more thing"..

    I actually thought the tablet was the "One More Thing", but I thought wrong..

    For anyone who's planning to upgrade his iPhone, or purchase a new one, I think it's safe to just wait a little longer.. It's been circulating around since late 2009, and now, more rumors are surfacing with speculation on the iPhone 4G (insert gasp here)..
    It took me a while to shuffle between keeping up with the Tablet rumors, and keeping track with the iPhone rumors (not as strong as the tablet), so this is a summary of what we should expect on the next Upgrade:
    • 5 Mega pixel Camera + LED Flash: This is probably one of the best things that I’ve read about the next iPhone, being that it has been shoved around the mobile playground for the weak flash-less camera in compare to the other smart phones.. Not only would a 5 mega pixel suffice, a possible Luxon LED flash would probably be the best thing that ever happened to your iPhone picture collection.. I mean, the iPhone takes amazing morning pictures, but what about vampires?
    • The iPhone 4G's back is touch-sensitive: Based on speculations by Tech Analysts at, the iPhone 4G would have a similar casing to the Magic Mouse -------magic mouse wiki------ and it's features.. However, I don't think this technology would be that effective, due to the next point..
    • Removable Battery: Through a buried patent filed by Apple, a universal removable battery is thought to be used with the next generation of iPhones.. I'm not much into hardware technicalities, but I'm not sure how the touch-sensitive back-casing of the next iPhone would work with it being removable.. Then again, it's a great improvement to actually be able to just change the battery when it dies, without the need to look around for any Apple-Friendly USB cable..
    • Display Screen to be using OLED technology: This is probably one of the oldest rumors that I came across concerning the display, and it seems persistent in all articles speculating on the next-gen iPhone 4G.. Similar to the one used in Google NexusOne, the OLED has the advantage of extra-bright crisp-color display AND it's a great battery life saver.. However, as many NexusOne users may have noticed, OLED's also epically fail when used under a direct source of light (the sun, maybe?), which renders the display nearly impossible to view.. Maybe Vampires got the best of this one, but I really hope this is fixed incase it's used in the next iPhone..
    • Finally, my favorite rumor so far, iPhone 4G's 2Ghz ARM Dual-Core processor: ARM recently announced  a Dual-Core chip that can be used with next-gen smart phones and it can actually break the 2GHz barrier (more graphic power, included).. In simpler terms, the next smart phones are practically stronger than your 2 year-old laptop, and THAT's big news.. Especially when Google introduced the SUPER Phone’s 1 GHz Snapdragon processor..
    I first asked myself (like many of you right now) Isn't this a bit too fast? the 3Gs didn't even complete a year since it's release.. IMO, these might be the reasons (one or all) why would Apple release a phone

    (Remember, these are rumors, none was confirmed -or denied- by Apple):
    • Google's new gadget, the NexusOne, didn't create as much new fields in the Smart phone business as Apple (if not following it's lead) but it raised the bar higher for the competition.. With the user-friendly UI and the plethora of cloud features, not to forget the SUPERPHONE status of the processor, Google sure made some noise in the market.. Along with the Droid, both phones are running Google's Android software, and this might be the only challenge to the iPhone's presence in the market (they're practically on the iPhone's tail).. If Apple is anything like it's usual self, it would definitely do anything to mess around someone else's parade with facts.. Rumors just confirm the direction, if Apple chooses to take it..
    • If you didn't hear, Steve Jobs won't be presenting at the next WWDC, and many speculate that Steve might retire.. Even Fake Steve Jobs, known for the Operation Chokehold controversy, is shutting down his blog.. In one way, this year might be the year where we can see the final Apple products to be presented by Steve, and also, might be his actual steps to preparing to leave Apple.. Rushing in products like the new MB's and MBP's, the new iMac, the rumored iPhone 4G and Tablet might be his vision to what these products should've been.. These are just speculations, but it might seem possible and I CALLED IT FIRST!!
    • Looking at the iPhone timeline, the first iPhone was commercially released on June 29th, 2007.. Second in line, The iPhone 3G was released on July 11th, 2008.. Finally, the iPhone 3Gs was released June 19th, 2009.. Now, do you see a pattern? All iPhone are one year apart from each other, June '07 - July '08 - June '09 - (...)
    Which leads to a recent rumor surfacing from the Korea Times.. As mentioned, it's thought to be released as early as April 2010.. Since it doesn't go with the pattern, it can be a rushed release (for the reasons mentioned above), or it can be an announcement (my speculation)..

    Either way, we can only wait.. I seriously thought of buying a 3Gs, but after all this, I think I can wait until Summer and decide then..


    [ Update : Well, the future doesn't seem that far away, but not as bright as we might expect.. Latest reports indicate that the new iPhone will focus on price and the chance of introducing something new to the table, but nothing too major.. Maybe it's good we got this kind of news earlier, we don't want a face-palm situation like the iPad to happen again.. ]

    [ Update : I guess it's true for the previous update, and it's REAL.. ]

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