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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    Yet Another Jeddah Flood Article + LATEST UPDATES!!

    It sure is depressing to know that the conduct of the municipality is still shady, inconsiderate and lacks something I like to call "COMMON SENSE, IDIOTS".. Well, not the "idiot" part, that's just me being honest..

    As ignorant as it may seem, the Municipality still moves Raw sewage around the city as if they're playing a game of Hot Potato.. Despite the anger expressed by the citizens of affected neighborhoods, and they should be angry, the dumping still continues.. Now, it's Al-Samir District..

    Is it really that much of a bother to process that sewage? we managed to build KAUST in record time (which was flooded by the way.. Starting to think maybe we hate infrastructure), but we can't even build one sewage treatment plant? You'd rather DUMP raw sewage in neighborhoods, endangering it's citizens, and not even pay the extra riyal to treat it?

    Nah, allow permits for more malls and coffee shops, and build your own low-standard parks and playgrounds, but to just build ONE plant? is it that expensive? and looking at previous governmental projects, how expensive is "expensive"?

    It's RAW SEWAGE FOR GOD'S SAKE.. We're talking a garden variety of diseases.. And the annoying thing is, not even a single statement to explain WHY are they doing this.. Just say why, and apologize later like you always do, there's no change there!

    I called for action before, and am calling for it again.. We need to speak louder to stop this, and I don't want to believe that throwing shoes and stones at sewage trucks and harm drivers (who might be hired illegally, or legally but are forced to do what those idiots keep on ordering).. a Peaceful protest (focus on peaceful), a couple of signs, a Website and and one unemployed person to annoy the heck out of these guys in phone calls and complaint registries.. It can be done, and we don't have to get what we want to prove a point, taking action alone can help..

    On a more cheerful note (I know, you thought I didn't have any of those.. I thought so too until I read the following)

    Some important updates surfaced today on ArabNews, regarding the investigation of those responsible for the Flash Floods of November 25th, and it's one hefty list.. A total of 40 officials were "geographically" detained in the country until the investigation starts getting more solid evidence to base accusations.. Geographical in a sense that there weren't arrested, but are not allowed to leave the country.. Some of their names were circulated amongst the news agencies, but it seems that they're keeping it for themselves until later on in the investigation..

    Yet again, the official website for the committee isn't updated yet since the 8th of December.. It's either they're too busy on the streets capturing bad guys, or they forgot their Admin password for the website.. Am not sure, am guessing here..

    But seriously, nothing can be more refreshing to actually see an initiative take an effect in this country, and I sure hope that those bastards take the fall HARD, because their incompetence to even be who they're supposed to led to the killing of many innocents who paid for their mistakes..

    The list of people includes former officials, realtors, and even some who are still working in the municipality, has 40 names.. Now THAT'S what I call a bust!

    Thought you slipped under the radar, guys? Think again!


    [ Update: Finally, the Investigative committee updated their news section with all the recent updates regarding this.. Maybe found the time to copy it off other magazines, but they're working nonetheless.. It's in Arabic, though.. ]
    [ Update: Get this, "Some employees of the Jeddah municipality do not approve of the municipality’s seeking the help of academics to streamline municipal works".. Check out the article, it's so irritating, it's actually hilarious.. In short? Theory and Science is bad for business, or so says the municipality.. However, it's a bit of a relief to know this for a change..]
    [ Update: It took a while for anything new to surface.. According to the committee's website, 9 out of the 40 detainees were arrested officially.. It's taking a bit of a long time, and there isn't any wide coverage around this issue, but at least it's good news..]

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