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    Sunday, December 6, 2009

    Floating Questions

    [ This rant is a bit old, so don't mind the smell.. I was offline when i wrote it ]

    - Why didn't the imaginary infrastructure, the jeddah municipality keeps on mentioning, work?

    - Why was it disregarded when King Faisal, god rest his soul, proposed it for the future of Jeddah?

    - Why ON EARTH is the civil defense giving away bottled water and cupcakes?

    - Why isn't there any pest control being done to the swamp-like water pools in every district?

    - Why isn't there any opposition by the people to dumping the Musk River into the Red Sea?

    They're just floating questions amongst many.. While I still believe in hope for the initiatives carried out, and the reactions to the incidents by the people, I wish to see this driving force to be long enough.. Or at least strong enough to cause a momentum..

    Our city needs to be studied from the ground up.. The pride of the Red Sea has turned in less than 6 hours to the shameful display of the exploitation of greedy ministers, corrupt officials, and floating bodies..

    One district after another, ravaged by ill-planned urban design, and half-baked by cheap non-experienced contractors.. All to make way for a newer district in jeddah, always heading north, and dumping more southern parts.. Jeddah is one of the few cities that I came across that grows in a linear way, shedding it's skin.. To the point where a single journey from my house, to my childhood house (on a normal traffic day) would take 40 minutes..

    And then you'd find the experts mumbling "it's a strange turn of events for the weather and we didn't expect this".. When you plan to design a city, natural phenomena (as rare as it may be) must be included.. But from a corrupt point of view, disregarding the sewage system for claims of "little to no rain" is a good business pitch.. You saved at least a couple of billions, and managed to take some for your beach house in Marbilla, or that fancy car you always wanted.. And when the poor people suffer as they drown in the rich man's filth and sewage, "feed them cake"?

    Am calling out to anyone who has the slightest ounce of love to what this city used to be in our childhood dreams.. Your city needs you..

    One disaster after another, it's not the government efforts that made the difference, morally and spiritually, it's the people sticking with each other..

    The national devastation in Khobar, and the amazing team work of it's citizens is what brought it back to life.. Not the lashing and imprisoning of the culprits..

    And the same applies to this city.. It's us that will make the difference, because waiting for those in-charge to take things into their own hands led us to where we are.. And now, we're grilling our beef, making those sandwiches, drinking tea on the sea shores, while it's being dumped with years of poor treated sewage.. So, save the families and screw the fish.. But one up side for this, at least now ALL of jeddah would stink from it's own waste..

    Yes, the king is hunting down the culprits in bishts, but we need to stand together and talk loud about what's really wrong with our city, from a citizen point of view..

    Not in some Televised glorified kiddie gathering of "what's your dreams for the city, young man" kind of crap in the last municipality workshops, that seemed to always end with the famous "Have a plan, made a plan, and doing a plan about it".. And what's there to hope for when even electing officials to run the municipality always ends in a scandal?

    The ball is in our court now..



    1. As I mentioned before to someone, its not the amount of rain which is the problem its the lack of proper public drainage systems. And because rainfall is so rare in KSA I doubt that the the municipality in Jeddah will be willing to make a concerted effort to fix it.

    2. "Talk loud bout what's really wrong with our city, from a citizen point of veiw"

      Well put bro,
      Why don't we updrade our words to many forms of awareness spreading the need to get up and DO something.
      Take art for example, posters hung in public places, FB display images, and some dude sitting behind a computer emailing those municipality ass h*les 24/7!!!

      Thanks for sharing man

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