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    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    Longest Post of "the Decade"!!

    This blog will be my LAST blog, in the LAST year, of the FIRST decade of the 21st CENTURY!!!!

    Dramatic enough to make you gasp? No?

    Well, it's true (honest), 2010 will mark the end of a decade, and this happens to be the first "First Decade of the Century" I came through + I have a blog now, so I can spew whatever I want to mark the occasion.. Did i tell you about the "my blog=my rules" ? CONSIDER YOURSELF TOLD..

    Last time i tried doing this with a friend, we ended up shoving each other and tossing 2 liter water bottles at walking trash cans.. THE TRASH CANS WERE WALKING, FOR GOD'S SAKE.. (no drugs were involved, i promise)..

    To sum up what I was going to write about, I dug into my archives of the past events, bookmarks, articles and scoops that (for me) defined the past 10 years, and wrote a LONG list (longer than this one, believe me) about everything that i came across (but it wasn't meant to be).. I mean, come to think about it, I believe we witnessed enough in these 10 years that could probably match what we faced in the last days of the 20th century.. Maybe more on the political and technological side, but then again, allot shift-shaking happened, and boy, the 2000's had their own fare share of POW's and KABOOM's start-ups.. As for my personal life, i believe nothing exceeded the milestone post i did before :D..

    So yeah, you guessed it, another eye-gouging LONG article is heading your way..

    You know what's depressing?

    When you spend over an hour, collecting and gathering and typing your fingers to their inevitable demise, preparing a document that fits a certain occasion, and then POOF.. Now, not to start a flame war between which OS was reponsible for my unfortunate CRISIS EPIDEMIC MASSACRE of all times, I wrote the article during my free time at work..

    I'm a Mac user personally, but my office desktop is a Vista..

    Am I saying Vista killed my article? or was it a faulty license on the company server? The decision is up to you..

    To be honest, I think i'll just tip toe around what I can remember at the moment, since am not close to my laptop, and if you really want to know the whole list I got in my archive, don't feel shy to ask.. Of course, it's safe to say that the list will be boring at some points (if not all points) so don't come crying to me.. And if you're expecting anything to be said about Chris Croker, Britney, Hannah Montana and Twilight, please head down to the corridor on your left, reach the window, JUMP!

    Politics sure took a big swing in upturns, b*tchslaps, and big leaps (upwards and downwards) which sure left a print on how many will forever remember the 21st century:

    - The ying and yang in American presidency that keeps on moving world politics around, from the start of the regime of daddy's,G. Bush (who probably swallowed a huge chunk of this decade) to his glorious last days of a shoe flying at his face..
    - Though the 20th century was marked with horror in the middle east (it's still is, incase you were wondering) Saddam Hussain is gone for good.. Though, i still believe his last days were humiliating and in humane, as much as i think he deserved capital punishment, he was still a human being of some sort, and he wasn't treated in such a way..
    - Yassir Arafat, a huge pillar in the Palestinian Liberation, died away from his land in France.. Come to think about it, Palestine didn't improve a single bit (and i don't think it will because our percpetion of what seems to be the problem is deluded with emotions more than rationale).. It was in this decade that Bush denied admiting that Palestine won't be aknowledged as a government until Yasir Arafat stands down.. And that he did, physically, and i guess the remaining square meters for Gaza can be thought as the islamic trophy over what we could salvage from that country.. We failed, guys, so mark the decade in the blood of those who paid the price of our incompetence..

    (that was a bit depressing, but it's politics, we're not heading over any rainbows in this category, so feel free to skip to the next category in any moment)

    - 9/11 probably marked as the biggest event during this duration (even bigger than Stem Cell researches) and it sure changed the political attitude completely.. From the "fight against terrorism" trump cards that seemd to suck oil more than suck Taliban blood, to the invasion of Iraq based on "Saddam has WMD's" claim, which now it's safe to say : REALLY? Where are they??

    - Pakistan witnessed a rough patch, while corruption surfaced to an extent of shaking the country to it's core.. From the State of Emergency declared by Musharraf (avoiding the law ruling that would denies a military leader to be a president) to the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto (which I believe Musharraf had a big stinky hand in it).. Ironically, i still think there's a link between her assassination and the fact that she """"claimed"""" that Osama Bin Ladin (the "fight against terrorism" trump card) is dead.. And it makes a bit of sense, in a conspiracy theory manner, being that she was killed months after..

    - India got it hard as well.. Two deadly bombings in the same decade, that's gotta hurt.. From the train incidents, to the several bombings of Mumbay, Politics wasn't on the up beat (as much as the media and movie attention it got over this decade).. If you don't like the damn bollywood movies, you don't have to bomb the capital, or so claims my none-political friends..

    - This decade was also the age of Medical-pandemic hypes.. I think I read this word in more articles than I did in a medicine books.. From the Mad Cow disease (which suddenly lost it's glamour) to Avian Flu (which also lost it's glamor) to the new contender Swine Flu (famously known as H1N1) and it's also fading away.. Every couple of years, there has to be THAT DISEASE that is killing millions, while medical companies ca$h out on the moolah..

    Nationally, there has been allot of news making events, it sure brings many things into perspective as citizens of this GREAT KINGDOM *bong*

    - A compound in Saudi Arabia was attacked, targetting foreigners, and ever since, things have been really annoying.. I mean, the amount of protection around the compounds in the country forces you to detour if you want to reach from point A, to point B.. In Jeddah, for example, a single detour can take you through the alphabets.. DETOUR = NOT A GOOD IDEA..

    - A new reforming movement began in the ruling of King Abdullah, may god help him, paving the way to fight corruption and set the pace for what this country should've taken (and lost) since the King Fasial era.. From the massive reform in ministries (sacking 15+ and adding 15+ instead) and the first woman in a major ministry position (hopefully this decade can mark the begining where men finally get off their high horses and realize that woman happen to be human beings with rights -YES, RIGHTS!-)..

    - a New leading University was opened, KAUST, and it soon had it's fair share of Co-Ed contreversy, but then again, nothing good starts in this company without being lashed by our glorious common sense and lack of religious understanding..

    - In Jeddah, moreover, corruption surfaced with the bodies of the victims of November 25th's flash floods, exposing the incompetence, and setting the record straight that, AFTERALL, that 60 million riyal draingae system proposed 30 years ago DOES. NOT. EXIST..

    - The begining of this decade marked the first democratic trials of Voting in the Municipal elections (along with the fake promises and many praises this type of Democracy guarantees), and the decade ended with another election that ended up in a scandal and massive recounts.. Great work guys, those GodFather movies really paid off..

    As for Technology, being an addict myself, it's been an amazing decade (as much as it was depressing for one side of the fan boys more than the other) But am going to focus on 3 companies that, in my opinion, set their foot prints strong (some prints were deeper than the other, and i think you know what am talking about :D )

    - Apple.. Nothing can be marked as a true success story like Job's creations locking our pockets one year after another.. From the new generations of iPods, the introduction of the iPhone (changing how we interact with mobile devices forever), and the re-invention of the iMacs, MB's and MBP's (epic battery life of 8 hours, faster than ever, greener than ever).. I wrote an article that explains the massive print this company left, in the past 10 years, with rumors about the device that MIGHT change the coming decade in every single way..

    - Oh, and there was Microsoft too..


    - As much as I oppose their way of marketing (MARKETING, OK?) and the fail viral ads (Windows 7 house party? Really?!), Microsoft finally seems to know exactly in which direction it should be going in terms of interactivity and interface.. Though, obviously RIPPED off, but at least they know the right track now, so i guess we'll wait for the innovations to come in.. Ever since Windows NT and Windows 2000, Microsoft has been nothing but changing interfaces, and causing havoc in it's way.. More mess than the one made by the amazing failure rates of their stubborn xBox 360 (DVD's? ever heard of Blu-Ray?) that seems to understand gaming and online networking from a "Suck ya Money" point of view..

    - Sony truly placed another lovable household item, adding to the amazing success of the PS2.. The PS3, though late in the race, and way ahead of it's time, had a slow depressing begining with the huge amount of potential it holds, while the price of development and the machines capabilities were light years ahead of the market, finally found an amazing duration between the end of 2008, to the amazing releases in 2009, and the promise of what's yet to come in Q1 2010.. Leaping in innovation in terms of network communication, and in terms of what a machine can do.. Cell processing, which proved it's super computer status (games like MGS4, UC2 and KZ2 wouldn't be there if it wasn't for it), and the human service it did for the F@H project, Sony still proves it's not just a gaming console.. It never was, ever since PS2..

    - High Definition media.. Do i really need to say anything more?

    - Did forget about the Wii? Well, in terms of innovation, Wii is the only console that stepped away early from the graphic competition, focusing on more fields of entertainment in the way we interact with games, and the DS and how it turned to be (for me) the most addictive handheld I ever used.. Though, this decade is finishing with people being sore from all the hand shaking, ass wobbling and foot stomping pleasures, Still, Nintendo is not a company to be forgotten.. They already marked their glory in the 20th century, but they really need to pump up for the 21st if they're looking for a slice of the pie..

    Finally, the Entertainment business, being put in the end of my list, already took advantage of EVERYTHING i wrote in this list.. From the tragics of politics (though some cheesy spawns of hell, like the Kingdom and Fitna, surfaced) to the feats of technology it sure had a good grip on (IMAX and HD TVs)

    - There was indeed allot of celeberity deaths during this decade.. Celeberties that were huge in their own times, and happen to die on ours.. And those who were huge in our time, and happened to die tragically young.. Three mark this issue, that i can think of at the moment, Micheal Jackson, Heath Ledger and George Carlin.. Many can relate to Heath and George, but only Generation X knows what it means to say "Micheal is Dead".. the Pokemon generation? go suck on a Gaga doll..

    So yeah, 10 years already, eh?
    What about You? What stands out most for you in the past 10 years?


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