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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Jeddah is Developing PTSD!

    For those lucky enough to drive through King Abdullah's Road and the Andalus district, you probably have witnessed a pleasent traffic jam that takes AT LEAST 30 minutes to drive out of..

    Today was a bit of an overcast skies, and the weather was a bit warm and showed no indication of raining.. However, institutes and some governmental offices around the King Abdulaziz University, including the university, circulated warnings about the sudden weather change and urged people to "flee".. Well, not FLEE flee, but that seemed more like what people were doing.. Though, nothing of those warnings were official (No news on SPA), but i think the flash floods of the 25th of November left a good impression on everyone..

    On a similar note, the invesitigative committee hired by the royal decree regarding the floods seem to have one slow day after another.. The latest update on the website mentioned that the committee is coming up with a list of people who are considered responsible for the mistakes done in the construction process of the damaged areas, and the names would be released in the coming days.. It's been 15+ days now, and the website is still not updated..

    It's sad to rely on such a website to know what's going on with the administrations.. But for now, i think this is the best form of transperancy we can afford.. Or so they make us think..

    The overcast skies and the possiblilty of another flood? Well, it was a flase alarm afterall..

    Some officials say now we're better prepared to deal with the floods, because we drained the Musk lake (the sewage dumping site) and improved it's structure.. Nope, we didn't process the sewage, we just dumped it into the sea, and into another replica in Al-Khorma.. Al-Khorma district already showed their dislike of the government approach, but i guess they weren't loud enough to actually stop the process from taking place..

    Days passed, and nothing happend.. No improvements, Little compensations, and worst of all, no announcements of "what's next on our reform agenda"..

    Ironically, financial reports were published on the amounts of money given to each division of the government last year, and the amount given this year..

    *cheesy grin*

    Tick tock, Clarice..


    [ UPDATE : According to DownForEveryoneOrJustMe, the Committee's website is down (.__.') It's working now, but no new content *sigh* ]

    [ UPDATE : It's now 20:30 pm and it seems like it's about to rain.. Way to go guys, you predicted rain 5+ hours before it happened.. ]

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