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    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Jeddah Floods Updates..

    Well, the televised media hasn't been as active as I thought it would be about this issue, just a couple of reports about the King's actions towards the problem, and then suddenly focusing more on the arrival of Prince Sultan and his ceremonial celebration..

    *awkward silence*

    The local newspapers are practically divided between those who are still angered by the news, and those who chose to completely ignore it and shift the attention to some other "equally important" news..

    I really admire the amount of work and dedications and honesty (well not complete honesty when it comes to the death tolls of the disaster), but it seems that the newspapers are taking the responsibility of lighting out what's really going on in regards of any legal approaches to the damages done.. The Arab News paper is, so far, the most updated, and the most direct amongst the many else i read during the past weeks..

    Though biased at points, and maybe a bit too sensational in others, I don't really mind them doing what they're doing.. We practically need more sensational attention from the local media, in hopes to actually stir the actions and opinions of the local population.. I mean, seriously, the damage compensation and the decision making of the administrations have been slow, and down right insulting to those who trust them..

    What does it take to wake you up? (by you, i mean the collective you, so don't get any ideas)

    An interesting result, though, allot of forwarded emails about anything relevant to the disaster is circulating like hay fire.. At least, we're seeing less "Boycott Zionist Americana" Fwd's, and more about the damages done.. More eyes have been opened.. Old graves have been dug out as well..

    a newpaper clipping of an article written 30+ years ago about the imaginary drainage system, that supposedly costed 600 million riyals, and would take 6 months to finish.. Quite big numbers for a system that doesn't EXIST..

    Sadly, the events of the 25th of November seemed to have showed allot.. About our administration, city, and about ourselves.. Between stories of a man who ditched his wife to drown, and the many who were busy stealing goods.. Or our lack to publicly recognize those who saved lives, and lost theirs in the process.. Not to mention the corruption.. Oh boy, 30 years of packed up secret agendas, and it took 6 hours of rain to dig them out..

    It's up to us, to either take this as a lesson to be learned, or leave this as a bad day that passed..


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