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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    2010 : A Tablet Odyssey?

    As much as the global economy seemed to take a monster bite of allot of business, it seems as if Apple sales and market growth defy those rules.. In this ending year, Apple managed to introduce a new iPod Nano, re-invent the iMac, and add a new line of MacBook and MacBook Pros (faster than ever, greener than ever).. Achieving major feats in Battery life, and marking it's footprint as the Company of choice in many awards, including CEO of the year, and the most reliable machines in the market..

    As many might think this year is already wrapping up, Steve Jobs could be finally laying it out that there is indeed "One more thing"..

    Recently, amidst the million theories around the web and rumor sites for the past 5+ months, Steve has finally admitted to how much he's impressed with the tablet's UI.. Yup, you heard me, the Apple's much-awaited tablet is finally a reality, and it's better than you can even imagine.. With Apple already registering different patents for it's intellectual property of the new mechanics of the machine, I have to admit that the tactile keyboard patent just blew me away..

    In simple words, as smooth as the tablet's screen would be, it's made out of a specific frame-set that allows the screen to concave, causing dents and dots that allow to give tactile feedback when the keyboard is on screen, and then it just fades away when it's not.. If this piece of news holds itself as true as the patent appears, Apple will AGAIN revolutionize the way we use, communicate and interact with the machines forever.. Another milestone to be achieved, and I sure hope things go as planned, because this might be the table-turning piece of machinery of the 21st century..

    When should we expect the tablet to be out? Apple already booked a conference in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for several days in late January.. And according to the Yerba Buena Center, it will be open for the 25th, 26th and 27th.. Apple declined to comment on the nature of this conference, since it's several months earlier than the WWDC, but it sure gives high hopes for a product release announcement..

    More news about the name of this tablet surfaced, between the iSlate (which is my least favorite) and the iGuide.. Moreover, it created enough hype to actually make people hunt down any new (or old) registered patents under Apple's name that may let away any glimpse of what this tablet is all about, and these patents sure sky-rocketed during the past weeks..

    So, after a brilliant market growth for Apple in 2009 (Especially for the iPhone and Stock), finishing with a bang as big as this news would set the road clear for what we should expect for 2010..


    [ Update: More confirmations on the Jan 26th Tablet rumors, as Fox News predicts, and China's ex-president Kaifu-Lee speculates (what the heck?) ]

    [ Update: I took all my time to collect all the updates I can, and the more official the source is, the more of a reality this is becoming.. More confirming the sources, and less days to the awaited 27th of Jan.. The shipping date of the product is expected to be on March.. ]

    [ Update: Apple's Hiding something? ]

    [ Update: "Come and See our Latest Creation", Apple sends invitations to a Jan 27th event.. 0_0 ]

    [ Update : Confirmed!! Check it out ]

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