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    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Damn Ditches..

    [ I wrote this rant last week, but didn't have time to upload it until today, so don't mind it if it tastes a bit expired ]

    I thought today was a bit weird, since everything was OK..

    Until my tire blew up because of a ditch in the street, and then things felt like they're back to normal again..

    To anyone who drives around this city, actually drives or with a driver, it's really hard not to notice the number of unofficial speed bumps, sewage ponds and ditches you'd come across.. And the number of times you'd come across these is so high, a soda can would burst by the time you travel from point A to point B..

    I mean, seriously.. The amounts of money I pay for car repairs because of these ditches and bumps is starting to become both annoying and inconvenient.. Just last month, I paid a complete tire check service because of a couple of errands I did in Old downtown Jeddah, al Balad.. You'd probably think "well, you shouldn't have gone there allot".. I wish I can agree, but ditches are becoming a normal thing to experience.. It's ironic that even rich neighborhoods have even more wrecked streets.. of course, if you're Royal Family wealthy, then you'd probably pave the streets that you drive on, which makes it nice to find a house on their turf of the city..

    None the less, It's even a saying in this city that for every citizen, there's a mall, a ditch, a speed bump and an angry driver.. I'd say, that's an understatement..

    Tahlia Street, which happens to be one of the most popular streets in Jeddah, has a semi-clean surface (ditches still exist on the far ends of the sides of the street), try to take a U-Turn into the back streets, it's a dump.. A complete utter asphalt eye-sore, with more ditches than a civil war zone.. You basically need a big Sedan, or any 4x4, to drive safely and without worries.. If you're into small buggy cars or hunchbacks, you're gone..

    I'm actually surprised from the number of high-profile sport cars in the city.. I wouldn't even DARE of driving a Ferrari or a Porsche down something like this..

    The street under the Madinah Road bridge, heading to Tahlia

    The quality of major streets is just Sad..

    I can upload more, but i think this delivers a clear picture, being that am busy falling into ditches.. Where's the municipality from these?

    I even tried to do the honorable thing of calling them and reporting these ditches.. Can you guess an ironic careless reply? whatever you guessed, add to it "and the municipality already knows about that and it's been taken care of"..

    Lying SOB's.. taken care of.. the DITCH in front of my childhood home in my old neighborhood is STILL THERE, and it already killed a few during my life growing up.. And it's been taken care of? Tell me you’d look into it, not that it’s being dealt with.. This is like that stupid Municipality Workshop, a couple of years ago, where every problem we pressed was either solved, being solved, or thought about and will be solved In the near future.. Talk about Super Municipality.. and it’s a couple of years later, and there’s only several tight bridges to show for, and still, we’re living in a dump with bridges now..

    And even if you dare to pitch in and take matters in your own hand, you'd be slammed by a fine for doing it without a license.. I saw more ditched fixed perfectly by normal citizens, more perfect than those half-brained professionals who can't make a steady street.. Even King Road is bumpy, and believe me, it takes a car as low as mine to sense every single bump..

    Why can't we just "borrow" some expertise from our neighbors who seem to have better streets than ours?

    Khobar city isn't the ultimate solution, but it's streets are heaven compared to this crap, and it's a Saudi city, why can't we borrow their labor?

    And when will you people, citizens of Jeddah, actually man the hell up and raise your voices over this? I don't think it's your obligation as a citizen to avoid ditches, causing you to drive like in some Rally race.. Seriously, the more you know the city, the more twists and turns you do, and you're on a straight street..

    Can't we just unite and make a public statement about this? Because ranting in your car as you eat those ditches one after another won't fix them, it will just make your next visit to the mechanic that much sooner..

    Anyone who agrees, contact me and let's arrange something.. And no, no online petitions please, the municipality BARELY is able to deal with actual feedback, let alone the internet..

    So.. Anyone?? Please??


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