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    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Do the Right Thing..

    [ this is an open letter to those living in Saudi, not for those who bare the nationality alone ]

    I'll begin by stating what i mean by the "Saudi" thing, reducing the chances of readers making wrong assumptions..

    In my definition, a Saudi thing is a Saudi-based decision that one may form in order to suggest a solution for a problem, solve a problem, or, in some cases, cause a problem.. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is based on these Saudi Decisions.. It's what made Saudi Arabia, well, Saudi Arabia..

    Of course, it would stretch in a wide spectrum, from Amazing choices, to amazingly narrow-minded choices..

    And yeah, am sadly the focus is on the majority of these decision, which up until recently, were heading head-on towards the narrow-minded ones.. Some clash and cause good repel effects, and some blend with the narrowness and ever-lenghtening the mental (and some times physical) torture..

    Not to say Saudi Arabia isn't making any good ones, but the nasty ones sting like hell..

    So yes, am talking about the stereotypical decision here.. The decisions we all love-to-hate..

    That was simple, wasn't it?

    The thing that hurts about it, most of these decisions end up in a way where it's predictable but not favored by the many of us.. Decisions like Banning, for example, take the benifit of any service, and --shuts it down-- for the sake of its "potential" damage.. Not thinking of those who use it well, but fearing those who might use it for adultry or treason or whatever reason authorities conjure up in their minds..

    So it's treating the wrong doers, not the wrong choices, on the expense of the right doers..

    I mean, When Camera-Enbaled phones were first released, i remember authorities hunting down the illegal owners (wasn't legal for some time) and break the cameras with a Screw driver.. That was in the past, and like many other situations, we got used to hearing such cases..

    Yes, they decreased in society, and things are more flexible than they were back then, but the Saudi typical decision still haunts the minds of the citizens.. As individuals, we still have the choice between doing the Right thing, or the Saudi thing..

    The right thing has no biased directions, no nationality, no identity, no form, no shape.. It's right, and it feels right, period..

    just a cause and a great effect for the greater good, the bigger picture, and other things that SOMETIMES seem to be non-existant in the Saudi Psyche..

    So, next time you're faced with a situation, just ask yourself this question.. What would be the Saudi thing to do? and what would be the Right thing to do?


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    1. Aaah... the infamous "long posts" are here! I knew they ought to be somewhere, after they went missing from FB.

      Hope everything is double-thumbs-up on your side.