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    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Getting the Job Done..


    How many of you guys/gals are currently employed? were employed at some period in your life?

    Because you might have came across what am going to blog about today.. It's something that's been bothering me for a year now (yes finally completed a year and still all my body parts are intact, except for some brain cells who had to take it for the team).. To be honest, god blessed me with great colleagues, an amazing boss, but i guess every good picture must have it's flaw.. Or flaws, but let's not get carried away now..

    So, imagine this scenario.. You're working your ass off, and you know you're doing good work because work is being finished and milestones are met and all, and of course, you work in a hierarchy.. You either boss someone, or someone is bossing you to represent you to those bigger in command and so on.. You know this, so am not offering anything new..

    See, the flaw in my picture lies in those who are above me in work.. I work as a designer, and such a task requires Coordination, hence we have Coordinators.. Everything seems in check with the program until a certain coordinator comes in, probably 10 minutes shy of mid noon, when work starts at 8.. He jumps around, creates a fuss about work needs to be done and we must finish and all.. Of course, be it he was in a coma for the past months, or he just realized that he has work to do, he hassles everyone in the team..

    Now, the curse lies in the idea that work needs to be finished.. Where's the curse? all is fun and games until the jerk messes up and the team ends up cleaning the mess, staying over time and then all helping each other.. It's called working for the bigger cause, framing the bigger picture.. Now, not to be picky, it's already been a year, and god "blessed" me with working with this certain coordinator on 3 different projects with 3 different tasks.. When a mistake and i had to pay for it once, i didn't mind it, i bet the huge ass bullet.. Happened a second time, bit another bullet.. Happened a third time, am running out of teeth to bite with.. Because mistakes are not just simple ones, we're talking about a coordinator who doesn't understand english, or seems like it, because what the client wants is one thing, what he understood is something completely different..

    This is not the case, it all boils down when you make a complain how his poor decisions effect the amount of time spent working, and how that can affect the work quality drastically.. I feel very intimate about my work, and i really hate to see a good idea go bad because of poor management skills and ill-thought decisions..

    I thank god for having a manager such as the one am working with, but when i mention how it's better to watch out for these mistakes in the future, a reply such as "the guys is a good employee and he gets the job done" doesn't really work well..

    The workplace is about ethics, commitment, and working all as a team so that as a whole we all rise together and if we fail, yup, we fail together..  When you spend most of your time smoking your lungs out, drinking coffee like water, and coming in when your heart pleases while the rest of the team work it like a factory sweat shop, there's no ethics in that.. I work in a field where we're judged by the end product, despite the process, and the judge happens to be the client who's paying money.. Nothing's wrong there.. But within the company fabric, that's like cancer because wrong deeds are left unpunished..

    Why? They get the job done.. It's not a dilemma more than just a pain to deal with, but it has to reach a stop.. If you're not good enough to make the decision, don't step up for a responsibility you apparently are not fit for.. But what do i know, as long as the job is done, it's all about the "moolah".. WRONG, couldn't be more Wrong.. We're not pirates where our ethics don't matter as long as we get the loot.. And sadly, it's not something new that we're missing allot of ethics in the workforce, espeically when such an ideology is overwhelmingly taking over.. But i hope light can be shed on this one day, because it's getting too dark..

    To me at least..

    So if you get the job done while not knowing what the job is, you better not come across my way now.. Wait until i watch a couple of Monty Python's and then maybe, just MAYBE, you'll drive home in one piece..

    Get the job done.. well get *censored* and stick a cork in it..


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