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    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    My 28 Free-Apps..

    Since there's nothing cheerful these days to talk about, let's just switch to another frequency..

    If you happen to own an iPhone, or recently purchased one, here's MY top30 free apps.. Of course this is NOT an ultimate list, but it's all Apps that i tried and found very useful and/or fun (and they're NOT organized in any kind of order)

    NOTE - Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed before clicking on any links, and I would like to state that all these apps were Free when i downloaded them, so am not sure if they still are (feel free to update me on that) + If you don't know how to create an iTunes Store account to download these apps, this is a very helpful tutorial - Courtesy of

    28. Listerful
    This app has been handy in so many ways, it's becoming a must-check once i start my day.. The great thing about Listerful is that it's made to be a simple To-Do list, with 3 categories, and none of that fancy UI stuff that may slow it down.. Making it easy-to-access to tick that milk carton of the list, or to add that extra thing you need to pick up on your way home..

    27. LockBox
    Ever went to the bank and wanted to write your account number, but forgot the card with that number on it? Or wanted to write down your Social ID number and forgot that too? Instead of carrying your wallet around, LockBox offers you the ability to store these number, and securely encrypt them with a password.. It's not a bullet-proof encryption, but it will do the job..

    26. Days Until
    a Simple count-down calendar for your upcoming events.. Though it lacks any type of push-notification alarm, it does show a small badge with the number of days to your next event, or with a simple option, only shows you the days left to those events that are 5 days away.. One more thing, it doesn't refresh that badge automatically, so you might have to check it out every couple of days..

    25. Faces Visual Speed-Dial Lite
    a VERY convenient tool that allows you to place picture thumb nails to 12 people at a time (24 in landscape mode).. Instead of going through your phone book reading those small contacts to call a friend, you can visually glance at all your speed dial contacts of your choice, and configure the app to either call them with one tap, or open an option menu to SMS them.. I found it very hand when am driving, it can get pretty dangerous having to scroll down a list just to call someone :D.. Another free app like this? Don't use the iPhone while driving XD..

    24. Facebook
    a Facebook addict? then The Facebook App for iPhone just got better.. It used to be a completely annoying tool (Facebook's WebApp was better), but now it added new monster features + the ability to write and comment while in Landscape mode.. Now you can also publish your notes, and comment on friends not, and even "Like" their pictures.. It has a very easy to learn interface, and it allows you to open links in a small standalone window without the need to switch to Safari (a winner for me)..

    23. iPray
    Though the app takes a while to load, this application is very useful.. It automatically synchronizes the prayers times of the city of your choice, and it gives you the choice to choose wether to be alarmed with a Prayer tone when the time comes.. Another excellent feature is that it gives the accurate date in Hejri, better than the other ones in the AppStore so far..

    22. iQuran
    A must have, for all muslims especially.. It offers good (not great) english translations of the quran, enabling you to even search the quran in both Arabic and English.. It also gives you the ability to hear a recitation of a complete Sura or verse from different readers online.. The arabic font isn't that great, but readable enough AND you can book mark the verse you last stopped at..

    21. Photo Share
    Ever took an awesome picture and wanted to share it without the hassle of syncing it to iTunes first? or checking if there's wifi so you'd mail it? Well, this is a great life saver for you, enabling you to send them via Bluetooth.. However, before you get all hyper, this only works between iPhones, so there you go.. It's kind of annoying, but it's something more or less :D..

    20. Tweet Deck
    Ever since iPhone met Twitter, these two had lots of love babies.. And some are great in ways, and others are great in others.. So far, TweetDeck was the chosen one.. An amazing interface, works very fast, and it allows you to add custom columns with specific keywords to keep you updates of any tweets about them.. Though other twitter clients be a bit better, i found this (As an overall) just perfect.. And with a simple Facebook application, you can tweet on this app and update your Facebook status automatically..

    19. eCards
    Although i never liked the greeting cards @ But i sure loved the App they gave away.. Easily customizable backgrounds, allot of categories and cards on the go, like a small greeting stationary in your iPhone.. Never miss an occasion, with the ability to send these cards over WiFi or 3G internet connection.. If you have neither, i guess a Phone call would do just fine..

    18. Pixel Perfect
    Sometimes, great moments captured with your iPhone camera don't seem so great after taking them.. Too dark, too pale or too something something.. At least now with this tool, it gives on-the-go picture modification, and enables you to save them as a new picture (leaving the old one untouched).. Moreover, you can also upload those pictures you like to Facebook, and gives you more access over your Facebook albums..

    17. Dictionary
    What I really liked about this app, it's probably one of the best free apps that give you access to a huge collection of word meaning OFFLINE without the need to check online (like the App).. It doesn't give you the complete definition, but it gives you a brief meaning of the word WITH the ability to search it up online once you're near a WiFi spot.. It does take a while to load the first time you install it, but after that, it won't be that heavy..

    16. Speller
    An instant spell checker for the most common words, and some weird ones that you may come across.. What's also about this app is that once you find the correct spelling, you can also click on the word to find it's meaning online.. Very useful, especially when you're trying to make fancy comeback to those nasty SMS's, or maybe that's just me..

    15. a2z Conversions
    Maybe it's just me, but so far, this is most the efficient and most attractive Converter App i came across.. With the ability to custom-make your own conversion units, it also gives you the ability to download custom ones other users made, plus automatically updates any conversion units that need updating (like currencies and stuff)..

    14. InstaPaper
    iPhones lack the ability to save webpages for offline view.. an article you're reading, or a blog that you need to check when you're offline.. With a few steps to create your own account, and a simple How-To, you'll start saving websites on your iPhone in no time.. Simply accessed from your Bookmarks, and then sync your files on the App itself, just follow the guides mentioned inside the app and you'll be fine..

    13. eBuddy
    Although IM clients fill the AppStore, this is one of the best apps out there IMO, and it offers Push Notification that stays active up to 30 minutes AFTER you close the App.. You can always go to a paid alternative like IM+, but this app does it for me, and you can add more than one account (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook..etc) on it and log all of them at the same time..

    12. Autodesk Sketchbook Xpress
    For some time, i lost all hope to do any quality sketches on the iPhones like I used to on i-Mates with a Stylus pen.. And although there are some really "FUN" apps that make you do some good sketching, none were as professional as this one.. To sum this app up, Photoshop on your iPhone.. With the ability to create layers, color, zoom and define brush sizes, this app will make you sketch in no time.. It also uses line-correction technologies that makes drawing straight lines that much easier..

    11. PandoraBox
    You'll never need to stalk the App store for free apps again, or go through my blogs again for that matter :D.. With this app, you'll be updated with the recent news about Free apps, or apps that were for money and became free for a limited duration.. Thanks to PandoraBox, i came across allot of good apps that aren't free but were for a limited time.. I wanted to recommend some of these here, but they're not free anymore, so this is a must-have app if you're cheap like me..

    10. HowCast has been offering some really good, and down-right stupid, How-To's for some time.. If you're a fan of the service as much as i am, this app let's browse through the recent How-To videos, featured, and top favored by other users.. What's really good about this app, it works in a similar way to the native YouTube app on the iPhone..

    9. iTranslate
    If you're a Mac user, you might be familiar with this app UI.. It's very similar to the translation tool in your Dashboard.. For the rest of you guys, this app is one of the most useful translation tools out there, with the ability to translate sentences and send the translation as an email.. There's nothing more to it, it's a translation app with an "i" stuck in it's name i guess.. iWonder why..

    8. Movies by Flixster
    Stay updated with the US BoxOffice, and look up movies and trailers, old and new, and also check their ratings.. What's good about this app, it gets you the rating from IMdb, Rotten Tomato and other users of the service.. Connecting this app to your Facebook account will enable you also read your friend's comments, and update your comments on the Facebook application as well..

    7. FreeRSS
    a Very clean uncluttered RSS reader, which has a great feature of looking up the RSS feed of any website you choose to follow, incase you don't already know it (Which is preferable) and it saves an offline copy of all your recent articles.. It allows you to add as many feeds as you want, with one limitation.. You can only load up to 5 feeds at a time, more than that, you'll have to refresh them manually..

    6. WhatTheFont
    This is probably one of the must-have tools for any graphic designer of any kind.. If you ever come across any text, online or printed, now you can easily take a picture (or a snap shot) and look up the name of that font.. As simple as that, and it also gives alternatives to anything that can be similar to it.. I used it several times now, and it only failed me once.. Just once..

    5. FileAid
    a Great document assistant that enables you to browse different formats of files, presentations, excels and PDF's.. You can transfer any file you want to check on your iPhone either via FTP WiFi, or through a simple Desktop Client that makes it all that much easier.. It's really helpful when you want to check a presentation on-the-go, or catch up on your PDF readings..

    4. ColorCapture
    Another great tool dedicated to graphic designers, and anyone with a taste for colors.. With this simple app, you can take a picture of anything you see with a specific color you want for your room, for example, and break down the image to the basic colors it contains.. It also offers you other colors that can blend in harmony with the color of your choice, and it also gives you the name of that color.. Of course, if you're anywhere around Benjamin Moore & Co, you can make use of "ordering that color" feature..

    3. WikiAmo
    One of the best Wikipedia apps out there.. Offers a very iPhone-Friendly view of any wikipedia article, search results, and even article categories which makes it easy to surf this website.. For those who know me, they know this is the closest to heaven on iPhone for any Wiki addict..

    2. IGN
    Offering updated reviews and scores of games for all consoles.. You can even predefine what consoles exactly you want to be updated by.. The app offers an in-depth review of all games, followed by it's score and the option to see it's trailer online or visit the actual website.. As a gaming addict, this came in handy when am in a store looking to purchase a new game and wanting to know it's rating and feedback..

    1. ESPN Score Center
    Am not a fan of ESPN, but am a huge fan of this app they released.. It allows you to add your favorite sports, teams and leagues and keeps you updated of their scores and locations in championships.. It offers a wide variety of teams and sports, and the interface is very easy..

    So, why 28? it was meant to be 30, but 2 Apps are not free anymore (Midomi & Documents 2) which i came across via PandoraBox.. So Why the heart ache, eh?

    Of course, feel free to mention any free app you think i should try out, and i might replace an app in this list with it, or you might be number 29 :D..


    1 comment:

    1. Thanks Lou for the great post.. it's really useful ..

      Here's my list :

      I Can't live without it :p

      2-Lose it!
      I'm so obsessed with my weight ..
      This application helps you to put weight lose plan. you can track your weight and food, you can also keep track of your daily calorie intake..(it has huge food database).

      I've tried many apps to Sync files between my iPhone and other Computer, but DropBox is the BEST.

      The smartest and most useful application
      Whenever you listen to a song and you want to know it's name, just ask your iPhone lol
      It works pretty well with Arabic Songs as well. It's even better than Midomi.

      Best App to access your MSN Messenger, Yahoo, etc

      Although it's nothing like the Photoshop we all know, but it's very useful for quick photo editing..

      Many Great Videos .. there is HOW-To-Video for EVERYTHING looool

      Prayer reminder (push Notification)
      but sometimes the times are not that accurate.

      Txt and Voice Chat

      My Doctor on the iPhone :D
      it has Symptoms Checker and you can read General health topics.

      This is what I remember for now :)

      Dana :)