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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Can't-Live-Without-Those-Mac-Apps List..

    Pretty catchy title, eh?

    Anyways, I decided to share the "wealth" and list my top Mac OS X apps that I seriously can't function without on a Daily basis.. Like i said in a previous post, this is NOT an ultimate list.. Feel free to share a comment about what you think, or even if you think you can top one of the apps of something you already know..

    I doubt it, i have superior powers and all..

    I won't list all my apps, just the ones I use from my Dock and Trampoline (which is my multi-tasking addiction).. Enjoy..

    Nowadays, with the huge number of blogs, websites and news around the web, you can't expect to visit all of them, one by one, checking on what's new or not, so you'd probably register to their RSS feed.. NewsFire happens to be one of the best RSS readers i've come across, and i've came across allot, and it offers a very easy UI, and it offers badges that show you the Unread articles you have.. Another great feature, if you happen to be on a site, open NewsFire, and it will (most of the time) automatically detect the RSS feed for it and asks you to add it or not..

    This is, IMO, one of the easiest, most practical, and feature-filled MSN Messenger replacement.. It supports Audio chats, MSN nudges, multiple-account sign-ins.. It's not the best, but i liked it's UI better than Mercury or aMSN..

    To media junkies, VLC is probably going to be your all time favorite, because i know it's mine.. To some extent, if a clip doesn't work with VLC, you'd need a genius to get it working anywhere else.. I used it allot during my PC days, and it sure lives to its reputation on Mac OS X.. It plays all media formats, including a great seamless buffering for some HD MKV clips that lie around my collection..

    This a clean P2P client for the Gnutella network (the same network that LimeWire connects to), but it has a better filtering system for the virus-malware-filled bull that is flooding the network, and it works amazingly for music-hungry downloaders.. However, it doesn't seem to be working with Snow Leopard, and am still waiting for an update, so if you didn't upgrade to SL, then enjoy.. If you do have SL and it's working, email me PLEASE!!!.. I went back to using another similar App called FrostWire, but it's no Cabos..

    Being a YouTube addict, i come across allot of videos that i just must have on the spot, like RIGHT NOW.. And without having to surf the website, I can just browse through the categories from this great FLV players, and it also offers high speed saving options to later see your library.. You can list multiple selected favorites, download them and watch them whenever you please.. Another good similar app is the RealPlayer download agent, but i like how this app organizes the clips without needing to go to Finder menu and organize them myself..

    If you miss the old MS Paint days, then look no further.. With a slik UI, and attractive features, this is probably my best on-the-go sketching tool for my work and leisure.. Mostly cartoon figures of the some the "Special" people in my office..

    Gmail Notifier
    a Simple App that loads in your status bar, and keeps you updated with Gmail.. Nothing more to say, actually, it offers a great interface, easy to use, and options to show how many unread messages, with a small preview of the sent emails.. It also works with Google Calendar..

    One of the few apps that actually drives you into twittering.. You can retweet to friends, stay updated with their tweets, and the interface supports Opacity features, making it easy to blend with your screen.. The only down point, it only updates every 3 minutes, nothing lesser.. Maybe it's a bless, it can get pretty addicting..

    The lightest, fastest, easiest Torrent client out there.. Takes a blink to download, and it works directly with no settings needed, and it can get easier than this..

    I, for one, can NEVER live without post-its.. Both Physical and Virtual ones, and this is the sweetest app for this need.. It puts your notes in tabs, and sticks them to your screen away from all the cluttering, or you can just scatter them around the desktop.. Whatever fits, this app is awesome..

    I think that about covers the Application folder for now.. In the coming post, i'll list my top favorite utilities, especially for all those Mac users who want to squeeze all the juice out of their Mac's..

    Now, most of the apps listed above are freeware, but some others may require you to purchase them before using them fully.. So get that credit card ready.. HOWEVER, if you're one of those Serial-fiends (nope, am not one of them, i promise (^_^) ) Then do whatever you want and put it on YOUR guilty conscious.. hehe..

    Feel free to share your list, and see you in the next post..



    1. if you download alot try leech

    2. by the way, how about cad software ? or you stopped thinking about that after graduating ?

    3. I'll check Leach out..

      As for CAD tools, am using both ArchiCAD and ACAD via VM Ware, which is something am planning to mention when i discuss the Utilities..