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    Thursday, September 17, 2009


    Hey everybody..

    As a new start to the blog, i'd like to begin with a quick recap (in pictures) of most of the major events that i've been through over this ending year.. With all the ups and down, it still leaves a sweet taste to linger on..

    The following are small collages of those events in chronological order..

    Graduation day
    after a 7 year battle, finally, VICTORY!! XD

    A New Life
    Immediately after the graduation, i got Hitched!! Those days were like a dream..

    The Honeymoon
    First days were spent in the amazing Angsana Hotel in Dubai,
    the rest were in Sheraton Creek.. The honeymoon itself? Words won't fit here..

    Our New Apartment
    Though small and expensive for it's size, we sure left a print in this house..
    I still miss the crowded neighborhood, but it was hell driving around..

    Working in ZFP
    Though routine gets to taste really dull at times,
    you gotta love the casual Wednesdays :D

    The Car is Gone
    Ironically, I was almost run over by a drunk 65 year old,
    right in Sari St. Jeddah.. Who would've thought, eh?

    The Rental
    I thought it was an upgrade to go from a Toyota xA to a Fortuner..
    However, after the accident, I kind of missed those small Hunchbacks.. And they're CHEAP!!

    Moving Out
    God blessed us with finding a bigger, better, more accessible apartment
    and it's in an even cleaner neighborhood, close to my workplace..

    The New Car
    I guess i do love those damn buggies after all.. I truly recommend this
    car to anyone who shares the passion for small cars.. Amazing handling!

    The New Blog
    Hopefully the last blog that i Move to.. :)

    I guess that's about it..



    1. Congrats on the new blog! bookmarked!

    2. Nicceee work Lou
      I enjoyed this one, the picture and everything. It's like a movie im watching only i am in it :P